Invaded again.

What are we, the Bosporus[1]?

Photo by Senol Demir

The resemblance is remarkable

That’s right everyone, it’s time for another exciting tap invasion. This time, we take on the delicious brews from our good friends from Knoxville, Peace Tree. Not only will we have some very exciting, never before available brews, but they’re bringing a cask of one of their most popular beers.

Many of you were here last Friday night for the Pedal with Peace Tree bike ride[2]. If you did make it, you had a chance to sample several new and specialty brews including the brandy cask aged Blonde, the Brett Cornucopia, as well as Templeton Rye aged Blonde Fatale and Rambler Red[3]. On Friday, those were spread out between the four participating bars. This Thursday, they’ll be under our roof together for the first time.

That’s not all, of course. Four beers doth not an invasion make[4]. We’ll also have the all new Rum Barrel Aged Rambler Red, and the Rum Barrel Aged Rye Porter[5]. We’re not forgetting about your old favorites either. The original versions of Red Rambler, Blonde Fatale, and Rye Porter will all be here, along with Hop Wrangler. For the first time, we’ll have the Kolsch on draft.

That, alone, would be sufficient reason to come down. But sufficient is too easy. Sufficient is for average bars. Sufficient is not for the place with the largest selection of American craft beer in the world[6].

That is where the cask comes in. Those of you who are big Peace Tree drinkers can already guess what’ll be in that cask. Yes, that’s right, my friends, this Thursday, we’ll have cask conditioned Hop Sutra Double IPA.[7] If you know what that is and are a fan of the style, you’re already making plans to get here. If you’re not familiar with it, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with it. Either way, see you Thursday.

Like this, but with more gravity.


[1] The Bosporus, of course, is the narrow strait in Turkey separating Europe from Asia. The modern city of Istanbul (not Constantinople) straddles the strait. It controls the only passage from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and as such has been heavily contested throughout history, and the region surrounding it has been invaded many times by empires raging from Alexander the Great to the Czars. Who says beer isn’t educational?

[2] For those of you who couldn’t get here, here’s a little bit about the ride, and the beers from a Google+ hangout the Peace Tree guys did just before the ride:

[3] We’ve actually had the Templeton Red on before, but it’s awesome, so I’m still going to get excited. So there.

[4] Yeah, I decided to use a little grammatical license. It’s poetic. Deal with it.

[5] I bet the sweetness of the rum is really good with that. I know a piece of chocolate is fantastic with the Rye Porter.

[6] That’d be us.

[7] If you guessed it, good job. Go buy yourself something nice. Might I suggest a beer?


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